[Exhibition invitation] Silver Industry invites you to 2023 Türkiye Aluminum Industry Exhibition

2023 Türkiye Aluminum Industry Exhibition

Aluexpo Türkiye is the largest and highest level aluminum industry and technology exhibition in Türkiye, an international aluminum technology, machinery and product exhibition, and the first such trade exhibition in Türkiye.

The exhibition is a high-level industrial gathering place for producers, traders and researchers in the aluminum industry, providing opportunities for global enterprises to enter the growing markets in Türkiye and Eurasia.

Aluminum foil container

Aluminum foil packaging containers are an inevitable replacement and upgrade product for the new era, new life, new trends, and new policies. It has physical characteristics such as lightweight material, good ductility, and high barrier resistance; It has chemical stability, non-toxic and odorless, and can be recycled indefinitely; And it has high temperature resistance heating characteristics such as microwave oven, induction cooker, oven steamer, and open flame.

The goals of environmental protection and carbon neutrality in the new era have determined the global ban on plastic packaging for daily necessities. Aluminum foil will inevitably witness its most glorious journey in the direction of sustainable development.

Overall solution for aluminum foil packaging

We provide customized production equipment with different itinerary requirements and adjustable equipment solutions, mainly suitable for producing and processing food grade packaging products such as disposable wrinkled and wrinkle free aluminum foil containers, aluminum foil lunch boxes, aluminum foil covers, etc; Provide an overall automated production equipment solution for the aluminum foil packaging industry, including aluminum foil lunch box production line, aluminum foil small roll rewinder, saw blade machine, box loading machine, aluminum foil waste packaging machine, etc.

Widely used in baking containers, barbecue containers, cooking containers, oven containers, refrigerated containers, takeout containers, laboratory containers, and other packaging fields, it has broad development prospects and great environmental significance.

Mold customization plan

We have extensive experience in mold design and research and development, as well as excellent mold design engineers. Through continuous innovation and practice, we focus on improving the strength and beauty of our products.

We can customize unique products in the market according to the needs of different customers, and provide solutions for our customers through a mature customization process to enhance their competitiveness in the market!

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Exhibition visit time

October 12-14

On site contact person

Xu Wulong-152 1668 9661

How To Find Us

Hall 3- D153

Exhibition address

Türkiye Istanbul Exhibition Center



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