Aluminum Foil Feeder

SEAC-63A adopts higher precision customized C-Type Six-Face Guide Rail Mechanical Press. Mainly use for Wrinkle Wall Container production. The software and hardware of the whole production line adopt Mechatronics design, which is beautiful and generous.

Key words:

Mechanical Aluminum Foil Feeder


Drawing of structure



 Technical Data

Model  Common Version Feeder C Smooth Wall Version Feeder S

Aluminum Foil Type

Non-Lubricated and
Lubricated Foil Material

Non-Lubricated and
Lubricated Foil Material

Aluminum Container Type

Wrinkle Wall Container

Wrinkle Wall Container and Smooth Wall Container

Oil Type

Thin Oil,Fresh Point 40-60°C

Thick Oil,Fresh Point No Limited

Oil Tank Position Opened Oil Tank on Feeder Closed Oil Tank under Feeder

Oil Coating Type

Foil Immersed Coating

Foil Roller Coating

Oil Filling Wa Semi Auto Refill Automatic Refill

Oil Coating Quantity



Oil Polluted No Clean Solution Auto Filtrate and Cycle Clean

Number of Rollers



Feeding Wrinkle Performance

Wrinkle for Small Thickness

No wrinkle Problem



There are four models of Aluminum Foil Feeder: Common Version C, Common Embossing Version E, Smooth Wall Version S and Flexo Flagship Version P. SEAC production line is equipped with Common Version Feeder, SEAE production line is equipped with Common Embossing Version Feeder, SEAS production line is equipped with Smooth Wall Version Feeder, and SEAP production line is equipped with Flexo Flagship Version Feeder.



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