Pre-Cooked Dishes

he whistle of the epidemic struck again,

Every day there are circles of friends saying that they are grabbing food,

So there was a situation of mixed joy and sorrow in the circle of friends...

Don't panic,

If there is demand, there will be a market.

When the brick-and-mortar store is complaining,

When everyone is isolated at home,

When the takeaways in everyone's hands are not fragrant~

Pre-made dishes are here!

First of all, what is a pre-cooked dish? ‍

Prepared dishes

It usually refers to the use of agricultural, livestock, poultry, and aquatic products as raw materials, supplemented by various auxiliary materials, and centralized production with modern standards. Finished or semi-finished products preserved by quick freezing or other preservation techniques. ‍

According to the way of eating, pre-cooked dishes can be divided into ready-to-eat food (such as ham sausage), ready-to-heat food (such as self-heating hot pot), ready-to-cook food (processed and cooked directly in the pot), and ready-to-cook food (mixed with ingredients packaged ).

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